In preparation for our six month journey through the developing world, we decided that there was one luxury that we weren’t going to give up: the ability to contact anyone, anywhere, at any time thanks to a little phenomenon called the Internet (Have you heard of it? It’s going to be huge!) And so we bought this:

Our 2.6 pound pride and joy

We named it Rafiki (less because Alanna is compelled to humanize everything, and more because Microsoft asked us to), and treat it with all the love and affection of a (very small, very sleek, and extremely capable) child. We love it like McAdams love(d) Gosling.

Anyhow, all of this is to say that you can contact us! In Africa! Assuming there are some wi-fi hotspots in some of the hot spots visit, we will be updating this blog on a semi-regular basis as well as checking the following email addresses:

Send us dispatches from your part of the world, pictures of your pets doing funny things, and any grammatical advice you may wish to impart (seriously, does the period belong inside or outside of the parentheses? You’d think for someone who doesn’t know, I’d play it safe and limit my usage of the finicky bracket, but what can I say? My life is full of afterthoughts).

We will do our best to get back to you in a timely manner, but understand that connections will be spotty, electricity will not always be available and, oh yeah, we’ll be on the trip of a lifetime and might be too busy riding elephants and dancing with lemurs to respond. But we’ll do our best. We love you all.